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About Me

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but first, thank you for being here!


First, I’m a wife and mama to three boys, two on Earth and one in heaven. My family means everything and each of my kids has taught me powerful, yet unique lessons. I’m also a passionate dietitian who adores my career. I’ve been working as a Registered Dietitian since 2011 on interdisciplinary Family Health Teams. Then I started a “side hustle” virtual private practice in 2020 about two months before COVID and finally, in 2023, decided to turn my side hustle into my main gig! And now looking back, I couldn’t be happier with this decision. 

I love supporting others in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. I strongly believe that a healthy diet should not be restrictive or boring. Restriction is out and nourishment is in! I show my clients how to nourish their bodies and souls in a way that feels good, optimizes their health, and is realistic to maintain.

My ultimate goal is to empower every client to embrace balance. 

While diets may provide short-term solutions, prioritizing your physical and emotional well-being through a balanced diet is a lifelong investment in your health.

At the end of the day, a balanced life is a happy life. And as a dietitian and habit change coach, I’m here to help you achieve just that. So if you’re ready to start your journey to a healthier, more balanced you – let’s get started!

Professional background


  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
  • College of Dietitians of Ontario member
  • Dietitians of Canada member
  • Craving Change certified
  • Choices and Changes certified
  • additional training in mindful eating, motivational interviewing and behaviour change

A healthy, balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be so complicated! 

I got the degree so you don’t have to. I’ll take the complex science of nutrition and turn it into practical advice that is easy to understand.

I’ve been working as a dietitian for over a decade and most of my clinical experience has been working on interdisciplinary Family Health Teams across Southwestern Ontario.

Areas of Specialty:

  • behaviour change
  • weight loss
  • heart health
  • diabetes
  • sports nutrition
  • prenatal nutrition
  • infant feeding
  • toddler/child nutrition
  • ‘picky’ eaters

a little more personal

What better way to get to know me than a list of things that bring me joy?

  • my kids + husband
  • time with family and friends
  • trying a new restaurant
  • recipe books that double as home decor
  • skincare
  • organization
  • being in the kitchen (bonus points: alone)
  • helping people
  • Costco
  • reading product reviews
  • shopping and finding sales
  • going to church
  • a relaxing bath with a candle lit
  • sipping a latte on the front porch

I share a more BTS (behind the scenes) look into my life, meal ideas and shopping finds over on my Instagram. 
Plus share some of my favourite things in my Amazon storefront! #affiliate

home page website


with my Balance Basics guide

In this 10-page guide, you’ll learn:

  • why diets don’t work long-term, but balance does
  • how to balance your macros
  • the habits of successful balanced eaters
  • common reasons why cravings happen
  • tips and tricks to building a balanced lifestyle!

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My Mission

To end the yo-yo dieting cycle forever! Your health and your body are with you forever, so it’s time to stop relying on short-term diets or quick fixes to achieve good health. We all need a long-term plan that fits our unique body, lifestyle, schedule and tastebuds.

I want to help every client optimize their physical health without compromising their mental health or sacrificing their social life. After all, food is meant to be enjoyed!


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