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Think outside the box or bag at snack time! Balanced snacks can be a great way to add nourishment to your body, give your body energy, and help you stay in control of food. In this free e-book, learn how to make a balanced snack using my simple balanced snack formula. Plus, get a list of 20 unique nourishing, balanced snack ideas and a few of my go-to snack recipes! 

Smoothies are a convenient choice for a quick and nutritious breakfast or a post-workout replenishment, whether you’re at home or on the go. However, crafting a well-balanced smoothie goes beyond simply mixing random ingredients – an unbalanced smoothie could wreak havoc on your blood sugars! Striking the right balance is crucial for nourishing your body well, balancing your blood sugar levels, and controlling your cravings! Grab this guide to discover how to create a well-balanced smoothie using my Balanced Smoothie Cheatsheet. Additionally, receive some of my favourite well-balanced smoothie blends!

How good would it feel to make healthy eating a lifestyle that you can’t “fall off” of? Diets are temporary but balance is forever. If you are ready to stop dieting and get started on your balanced eating journey, here are the basics you need to know!

Hi, I’m Krista! I am a Registered Dietitian on a mission to show people how to feel better in their bodies without diets! Healthy eating shouldn’t be so restrictive + complicated. Instead, I preach balance. Eating balanced means nourishing your body and your soul so you can optimize physical health without sacrificing your mental health.

My Mission

To end the yo-yo dieting cycle forever! Your health and your body are with you forever, so it’s time to stop relying on short-term diets or quick fixes to achieve good health. We all need a long-term plan that fits our unique body, lifestyle, schedule and tastebuds.

I want to help every client optimize their physical health without compromising their mental health or sacrificing their social life. After all, food is meant to be enjoyed!


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