How to Build a Healthier Relationship with Food

October 9, 2023

What if we thought about food as nourishment for our well-being instead of our enemy to lose weight?

Our relationship with food is one of the longest relationships we’ll have in our lifetime, it’s such an important relationship to nurture. But before we talk about ways to improve your relationship with food, I thought it could be helpful to point out signs that could indicate an unhealthy relationship with food.  

Hi, I’m Krista! I am a Registered Dietitian on a mission to show people how to feel better in their bodies without diets! Healthy eating shouldn’t be so restrictive + complicated. Instead, I preach balance. Eating balanced means nourishing your body and your soul so you can optimize physical health without sacrificing your mental health.

Signs you may have a negative relationship with food:

  • you feel guilty when you eat food
  • you avoid foods that are *bad* for you
  • you have a list of rules about foods you cannot eat
  • you allow calorie counts to tell your body it’s full
  • you have a history of trying several restrictive fad diets
  • you feel stressed or overwhelmed when eating in social situations
  • you find yourself stuck in the restrict-binge cycle
  • you hide eating some foods
  • you’re constantly comparing what you eat to others

Distancing yourself from diet culture

Food is fuel. It’s our body’s nourishment, sustenance, and means for survival.

But food isn’t only fuel.  It’s so much more than that!

Food is a source of pleasure and enjoyment, a way to connect with others and celebrate our traditions. 

Food can bring people together, creating a sense of community and belonging. It’s also a way to explore new cultures and experiences, whether through trying a new dish, or cuisine, or visiting a different restaurant.


Food is also a way to celebrate milestones and special occasions – from birthday cakes to wedding feasts – food is often at the center of our celebrations. It’s a way to mark important moments in our lives and create lasting memories.

Food is meant to be enjoyed!

How different would it feel to view food as nourishment to think, move, and live your life, instead of as your enemy to lose weight? I think this viewpoint helps my clients live both healthier and happier lives! 

I know what you might be thinking but birthday cakes, wedding feasts, and Christmas cookies aren’t *healthy* Krista!!!

I’m here to tell you that ALL foods fit into a healthy, balanced diet. For our health, it’s not a great idea to eat more cake and cookies than we do fruits and vegetables, however, cake and cookies have a place too.  Contrary to what diet culture says, we don’t need to feel like failures or criminals for eating them. That is where balance fits in.

I teach my clients how to find their balance so they can enjoy food again! My clients learn how to fuel their bodies well, while also appreciating the joy, comfort and connection that food brings.

3 starter steps to building a healthier relationship with food

1. Rid of restrictions: part of having a healthy relationship with food is feeling in control of food, not fearing it. People who restrict foods tend to be people who binge foods as well. Overeating is your body’s natural response to restriction. Get rid of the restrictions and try a more balanced approach. All foods can fit into a healthy, balanced diet. 

2. Be mindful of your language around food: stop referring to food as “clean”, “junk”, “good” and “bad”.  Refer to food by its actual name – broccoli is broccoli and chocolate is chocolate. Each food provides your body with different amounts of different nutrients. Some foods provide more protein and fibre and others provide more carbohydrates and fat. But it’s still food.

3. Listen to your bodywith the consistent practice of honouring your body’s hunger and fullness cues, you’ll begin to trust your body. No one eats perfectly all the time, sometimes you will overeat and others you will undereat, but with a balanced approach, you can trust your body to make up for these mistakes, without judgment.

If you want to have a more positive relationship with food to live healthier and happier, consider joining my transformation nutrition coaching package. Building a healthy relationship with food takes time and effort, but it is worth it.  Remember: your relationship with food is arguably one of the longest-term relationships you’ll have in your life!  In the transformation program, there is daily accountability to help you un-learn diet culture, reframe negative food thoughts, and re-learn balanced eating. This includes what you eat and also the way you think about food.

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